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Crystal Auto Rental Ltd. is the largest car rental company in Belize. Crystal was founded in 1989 by Jay Crofton, a native of Conroe, Texas, as the tourism industry in Belize took off. In 21 years of service, Crystal car rental has become the largest car rental company in Belize and has been for the past years. Crystal car rental operates a fleet that is twice the size of any of our competitors. We strive to give our customers outstanding quality and excellent service. Crystal Car Rental has two offices located in Belize. Our Main Office is located in Belize City and we also have an Office at Phillip Goldson International Airport. We are one of the few belize car rental companies that will allow you to take the rental vehicle into Guatemala to go to the Maya Ruins of Tikal.

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1 Review

  1. Jessica, 1 year ago

    What a scam!! We originally purchased our rental online through Alamo, when we got to the airport Alamo claimed to not have any vehicles available and sent us to Crystal Auto Rental. They did keep to the daily rate that Alamo was going to charge us however they sold us their CDW “insurance” policy which was “optional” of course but was an extra $250 and on top of that they required us to put down a $1000.00 deductible on our credit card as well (just in case we were in a car accident to ensure that their deductible cost was covered). When my husband and I were tempted to not choose the CDW and instead were going to look into other options through our insurance the sales man pressured us into the fee by telling us that if we DID NOT have this coverage we would be liable for windshield, scratches as well as blown out or flat tires which he remarked that were common occurrences on Belize highways. So a rental that was originally going to cost us $481.85 (including insurance) cost us (walking out of the door at the airport) $1630.00. The whole situation felt incredibly uncomfortable being my first time traveling abroad however we had no other options as the final bus and the local flights had already completed for the evening which put us in a bad situation. We went about our trip everything was wonderful until we returned the vehicle. The gentleman that inspected it came directly to the windshield and within seconds of us pulling up pointed out and claimed we chipped the windshield. My husband explained it had to have been there already. We drove this vehicle all week and not even one time did we have a rock come at the window. Anyone who has had a rock come at your windshield that cracked the glass knows that you cringe when it happens. The chip was in the black portion of the windshield surrounding the outer rim (all windshields have this black area) it was almost impossible to see. The inspector seemed to know it was there with how quickly he noticed it. We asked to have them check the records on the vehicle to see if it was previously marked on a prior renters paperwork and which point the guy left us and came back about a half hour later explaining that they do not keep the paper work. Seems like poor business to not keep records on their vehicles. Knowing we had purchased the CDW insurance at this point I was not concerned until the guy told us we were now liable for paying for the windshield as it was not covered under the CDW insurance policy (even though they sold us on the plan for this type of damage). We had to pay an additional $378 for the cracked windshield. In addition the reminded us that we were not allowed to leave the building (or country) until this amount was paid. For me, I wasn’t going to cause a scene in a foreign country, at this point what was a wonderful vacation to a beautiful country became the worst place I have ever visited, the experience ruined my entire trip and left an awful taste in my mouth. After returning to the US I did some research and carefully read over and re read over the contract we had with Crystal Auto prior to writing this review. I wanted to be certain on what it was that I was writing and be sure it was Fraudulant behavior on their part and not Consumer Negligence. What I learned is that a CDW Policy (as I had purchased is a Claim Damage Waiver) it is not an insurance policy at all. Car Rental companies sell these policies because they make a lot of money off of them. Since a car rental company is not in the insurance business nor can they actually sell insurance what they are selling you is them WAIVING their RIGHT to charge you for ANY and ALL damages to the vehicle. Had we NOT purchased that policy we would have been liable for those damages up to a MAX of there deductible however by selling us the CDW policy they WAIVED the right to charge us for anything. In fact they didn’t have a right to even take a deductible from me because they can’t actually charge me the deductible anyways since I have that policy. On our way out of the door another traveler shook his head as he had listened to the situation he said he had the same thing happen to him. Our rental car cost us more than the entire rest of our trip. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!! **WARNING DO NOT RENT FROM THEM** SCAM ARTIST ** What makes me the most furious is that they way Belize as a Country Welcomed us was through Crystal Auto and the way they said goodbye to us was through Crystal Auto and that first and last impression is one that made us completely turned off on returning to Belize.

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