Isla Marisol Resort

Isla Marisol Resort offers beach combing, diving, and fishing vacations at our private island. Our professionally guided Belize tours features scuba diving, nitrox diving, snorkeling, fishing, beach combing, and seafood feasts, all set in the exotic environment of the tropics. For those who wish to learn more about Nitrox Diving, we offer the PADI Enriched Air Diver specialty to qualify you to dive with Nitrox. Enriched Air (also called Nitrox) is recreational diving’s latest tool in the effort to safely extend no decompression time. Especially in the 50 to 100 foot range, enriched air can significantly lengthen your no decompression times for a single depth dive.

The view of the dawn and the sunset from our pier is spectacular. You can watch the southern stingrays swim past, along with the colorful shoals of smaller parrot fish and even the occasional nurse shark. Join us for the best in Belize vacations on our family owned island. The nature of the Caye has remained largely the same for over 50 years whilst in the ownership of the Usher family. We want you to share the pleasure that we have enjoyed on our island. Once you get here, you will never want to leave!

Bug & Mosquito Free Island!



Our tropical cabanas are all situated on the white, sand overlooking the reef or creek. Our accommodation features a well-designed cabana for two people sharing with a porch and hammock area. Charming and rustic, each cabana includes a private bathroom, hot and cold water, Air Condition and daily housekeeping service. Configurations of beds vary from cabana to cabana, from singles to doubles and queen beds. Our cabanas are spaced to offer you peace and quiet. The azure waters of the Caribbean are only a few steps away. You will be close to the creek and pier offering you some of the most wonderful sunrises and sunsets imaginable.

The Reef House
Our family style reef house is designed with two bedroom and two bathroom, livingroom, small kitchen and bar. The main attraction of the reef house is the view from the 40 feet verandah overlooking the blue sea a stone throw offshore.

Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant is one focal point, acting also as a leisure area. Our restaurant room provides meals in a wonderful setting. Eating local cuisine with a magnificent view of the waves will help you enjoy our beautiful island.

The Food
The cuisine at Isla Marisol Resort is said to be some of the best in Belize. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style, offering a variety of local cuisine. The evening meal is served to you in the restaurant — perhaps seasonal conch, lobster, chicken or pork. All of our meals are prepared with seasonally available fresh fruits and vegetables from our family farms and gardens around the country. The meals include dishes from Belize, and the Caribbean. Our food is all prepared and cooked daily in our kitchen and served straight from the oven. And, we have an all-day supply of iced water and freshly brewed coffee, along with a selection of teas and juice for your refreshment and convenience. We endeavor to accommodate any special dietary needs. Belizean Menus are proposed. Seasonal foods will be offered. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced warning. Information on menus can be e-mailed on request.

The Bar
Relaxing with a soda or a Belizean beer in our bar is one way of spending early evenings with friends or family. The bar offers a wide variety of beverages, along with happy hour snacks. The close proximity of the beach will allow you to benefit from the propane-powered refrigeration unit that keeps the beer and soda cold!

Dive Shop

  • Our Dive Shop is fully equipped with:
  • Dive and snorkeling equipment
  • Regulators: Sherwood
  • BCD’s: Sherwood and Genesis
  • Masks: Sherwood
  • Fins: Akona
  • Wetsuits: Akona 3mm shorties
  • Dive Computers: Uwatec Pro Ultra
  • Lights: Underwater Kinetics

We have a Max Air 180 Twin 18cfm compressor. The cleanliness of our air is carefully monitored and checked and we change our filters as recommended by the compressor manufacturer. To comply with PADI Standards we send air samples quarterly to be laboratory tested in the USA. Part of our service is to provide well-maintained, good quality equipment so our customers will have a safe and comfortable dive. We also help with your personal equipment by rinsing it every day and storing at our dive shop free of cost.



Scuba Diving Glovers Reef Atoll with Isla Marisol PADI dive resort is no ordinary experience! Beneath the turquoise waters of Belize is an underwater world that exceeds every other Caribbean dive destination in diversity, size and scope. Extending over 185 miles north to south, the Belize Barrier Reef system is the greatest stretch of coral in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest barrier reef in the world. The reef system encompasses wall drop-offs, pinnacles, spur and groove formations, swim-throughs and more.

Beyond the barrier reef lie three enormous rings of coral, known as atolls. These formations provide divers and snorkelers with hundreds of miles of additional reef. Lighthouse Reef, the Turneffe Island Atoll and Glover’s Reef Atoll together cover more than 400 square miles with a total of 140 miles of drop-off walls. Incredibly, these atolls comprise as much reef surface as the Belize barrier reef itself! These Belizean atolls, unlike Pacific atolls built on volcanoes, sit atop two parallel submarine ridges close enough to the surface to allow the formation of massive coral and sponge growths.

The reef that surrounds the five islands (called “cayes,” pronounced “keys”) that comprise Glovers Reef Atoll is a Marine Nature Reserve. The clarity of the water that surrounds Glovers and the abundance and diversity of fish species found here makes it the premier diving base in the country. Divers at Glovers regularly spot eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, southern stingrays, large grouper, barracuda, king mackerel, dolphins and several shark species, as well as almost every kind of smaller tropical reef fish. Our dives are typically wall drift dives interspersed with sand channels adorned with hard and soft coral and massive multi-colored sponges. The largest fish in the sea, the whale shark, also visits our area during the months from April to June.

Isla Marisol offers each guest 15-17 dives per week per person. Each of the 15 dive sites in the area showcases a different view of Belize’s unique underworld. No two dives are ever the same. Our Padi-certified dive master will guide you through a maze of corals along the atoll’s steep drop-off. We mainly dive Glover’s Reef, but can also arrange dives off Southern Reef walls, Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse Reef, the Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, the Elbow and more. Each dive lasts roughly 45 minutes after which we return to the island for meals or simply to gather our breath for the next dive.

We are a PADI dive resort, so if you are not a certified diver, you will still be able to enjoy the aquatic wonderland. We have an instructor available who can certify non-divers upon request. Certification of non-divers is at an additional cost. The cost of these certifications will be added to the basic package arranged at your time of booking. We think you’ll soon agree that Belize is one of the world’s top dive destinations!

Our Favorite Dives
If visibility is good we like to dive a site called “The Pinnacles” which has big coral heads rising up 40 feet or more from the bottom. Our second and third dives are on the east side of the atoll where the water depth quickly drops off to more than 2000 feet and visibility is usually over 100 feet. We dive several sites on this side of the atoll and always dive he famous Long Caye Wall. Here, divers drop onto a big field of white sand at 40 feet, home to southern stingrays and dozens of garden eels. At the wall’s crest, the sand runs like small rivers down through the coral into mini canyons. With the usual 100+ feet visibility the view over the wall gives the impression of limitless space. The wall is actually a 2000+ foot drop-off into the deep blue.

Please Note

  • Trip minimums apply! If we do not have enough divers for our trips, especially atoll trips, we will stick to local diving sites at Glovers Reef Atoll. In that unlikely event you will still be able to enjoy excellent diving on a great number of different sites. We try to dive all 3 atolls every week but are not always successful.
  • The water can get choppy, especially outside the Atoll. If the water is too rough we will not take out divers, snorkelers or anglers. Safety first!
  • Keep your hands off! No divers or snorkelers are permitted to touch or take anything from the sea. No exceptions! Respect our Belizean Reef and her inhabitants. Touch only water! Take only pictures! Leave only your wake!
  • There is an incredible diversity of marine life in Belize. We hope guests will be able to see much of it. However, we can’t promise a dolphin, shark, turtle, moray eel will swim in front of your eyes on every dive! Rest assured, they often do!
  • We cannot control the weather! Rough water may make a trip take longer than planned. It could be unusually cold. Be prepared! Normally, the water temperature is 78-85 degrees.
  • All rates, policies and dive and snorkel excursions are subject to change. Check the website or contact us to see if there are any changes.
  • Let us know! If you have any problems or suggestions simply tell us. We welcome your feedback and want you to have a great trip!

Safety First
At Isla Marisol our number one priority is your safety. Our equipment is properly maintained and our staff is PADI certified. We change our air filters on time and check our compressor regularly to make sure they are in top working condition. Each of our boats is equipped with a radio, life jackets, life buoy, oxygen and first aid supplies. All staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. We strictly abide by safe diving standards to insure that your dive experience is fun and safe, from start to finish.


Whale Sharks

It’s never too early to start thinking about whale shark season. This is the time between March and June, when southern Belize offers divers and snorkelers the unique opportunity for spotting the large pelagic feeder known as the whale shark. If you are planning a dive trip with whale sharks in mind, the best times to do so in 2012 are March 3 – 17, April 4 – April 18, May 2 – 16 and June 5 and June 2 – 16. These are the exact dates for the full moon. It is said that three days before and 7 to 10 day after is the best time to see these majestic creatures. Trips are weather dependent.

Not far from Isla Marisol is Gladden’s Spit, where the largest fish in the sea, the whale sharks, come during the week of the full moon in March, April, May and June. This special place has a steep sandy bank pushing out into very deep sea.

On an ordinary day one can see large schools of jacks or snappers and visibility is well over 100 feet. But during the full moon phases in March, April, May and June of each year Gladden’s Spit has no ordinary days. Each year during the full moon mutton and cuberra snapper spawn here. The giant whale sharks come from far away to feed on the spawn and to mate. It is common at this time to see schools of snapper in the thousands, with whale sharks passing through them. Divers will likely see these majestic creatures very close but they are not allowed to chase, ride, touch or otherwise disturb the whale sharks. These dives are an amazing experience and understandably very popular.

Scuba packages do not include the cost for whale shark diving. Cost is $175 per diver per trip with a minimum of 6 divers. We go to the whale shark area only during the dates listed below.

2012 Dive Package Dates
Isla Marisol Is offering one week whale shark dive packages during the following date ranges:

  • I: Saturday March 3 – Saturday 17
  • II: Wednesday April 4 – Wednesday April 18
  • III: Wednesday May 2- Wednesday May 16
  • IV: Saturday June 2 – Saturday June 16


Other Activities


Guests interested in sport fishing will not be disappointed. The bone fishing here is superb, and it is common to pull in up to a dozen Bonefish per session. Permit, Jack, and Wahoo, Barracuda, Bone Fish, Tarpon, Kingfish, Trigger Fish, Grouper, Rock Fish and Bonito also provide great action for the sea fisherman.

Guide – two anglers per boat.
Species – Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon
Equipment – Fly Fishing Tackle

Blue Water Trolling
Guide – two anglers per boat.
Species – Baracuda, Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, Groupers, Jacks and Dorado
Equipment – Blue Water Fly Fishing Tackle

Guide – two anglers per boat.
Species – All Snappers, and other small fish
Equipment – Light spinning tackle or handline


The reefs on Glover’s Atoll provide a huge range of beautiful places where surface snorkeling and dives can be made. Prime snorkel sites are just minutes from the resort, and we make two guided trips per day, included in the Snorkel Package. And you are welcome to just head out on your own at any time. On the guided trips, a short boat ride takes us through the shallow turquoise waters of the reef for the darker blues of the Caribbean. Anchoring off the reef we can descend for surface dives around the reef.

Over the reef is a pristine white sandy floor up to a depth of forty feet. On the western side of the Caye the coral shelf drops away, passing over colonies of garden eels; we leave the white sands for towering coral formations along the edge of the 2600 foot vertical wall, where schools of brilliantly colored fish drift over the vast depths below.


Kayaking trips are great fun. We offer a variety of trips and adventures with instructional assistance to beginners, and excitement for people with all levels of kayaking experience. You can paddle your sea kayak to magnificent scuba/snorkeling spots or explore nearby islands, such as Middle Caye, where the Wildlife Conservation Society runs a marine research facility.


Packages & Rates

Isla Marisol Package Rates

Low Season: July 1 to October 29, 2011
  Fishing Fly Fishing Scuba Diving Snorkel/Kayak Beachcomber/
Wade Fishing
7 nights 2,195 2,195 1,695 1,395 1,175
4 nights 1,795 1,795 1,395 1,195 995
3 nights 1,395 1,395 1,095 995 875
High Season: October 30, 2010 – June 29, 11
  Fishing Fly Fishing Scuba Diving Snorkel/Kayak Beachcomber/
Wade Fishing
7 nights 2,395 2,395 1,795 1,495 1,275
4 nights 1,995 1,995 1,595 1,295 1,095
3 nights 1,595 1,595 1,295 1,095 994
Low Season: July 1 to October 29, 2011
  Fishing Fly Fishing Scuba Diving Snorkel/Kayak Beachcomber/
Wade Fishing
7 nights 2,395 2,395 1,895 1,595 1,395
4 nights 1,995 1,995 1,595 1,395 1,095
3 nights 1,595 1,595 1,295 1,195 995
High Season: October 30, 2010 – June 29, 2011
  Fishing Fly Fishing Scuba Diving Snorkel/Kayak Beachcomber/
Wade Fishing
7 nights 2,595 2,595 1,995 1,695 1,495
4 nights 2,195 2,195 1,795 1,495 1,195
3 nights 1,795 1,795 1,495 1,295 1,095

Dive Packages

  • All dive packages include 3 guided one-tank dives/day, tanks and weight belts.
  • For those divers who wish to dive with the whale sharks during our Whale Shark Weeks, there is an additional cost of $175 per diver per trip with a minimum of 6 divers.

Booking Details

  • All prices are in USD Dollars, and per person in double occupancy.
  • Packages does not include air from the Philip Goldson Internatinal Airport to Dangriga. Flights can be booked by our office for $130 per person round trip.
  • Accommodations are: Beach front cabanas w/ pvt porch, A/C w/2 Qn or 2 dbl beds.
  • Transfers are on Saturday & Wednesday only, by boat from Dangriga. If traveling any day other than specified transfer day, a special charter must be reserved at an additional fee of $500.00 each direction based on 2 traveling. From the marina it is approx. 1.5 hour scenic boat ride to the island. The transfer boat departs the Dangriga between 3:00 & 4:00 P.M. Note that flights must arrive at Belize International by 12:30pm. Departure from island is approximately 8:00 A.M. Return flights must be scheduled no earlier than 1 P.M.
  • Single supplement rates are an additional 50% of snorkel pkg rates.
  • Children (with two paying adults) – 6 & under free, 7-11 half price, 12 & older full
  • price. No discounts for certified divers under age of 12 yrs.
  • Babysitting available upon request w/advanced notice- fee.
  • Dive pkg include 3 dives p/day, air, tanks, weights & belts. Other equipment available for rental.
  • 4 & 7-Night Packages include 1 night dive
  • Fishing pkg includes boat/guide for morning & afternoon trips. 2 fishermen per boat. Must bring own equipment.
  • Package prices do not include airfare from your home to Belize City, bar drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic beverages), gratuities, dive equipment rental. These charges cannot be pre-paid and are collected on the island the day before departure.
  • Group rates available for ten or more.
  • Additional Information & Details on Packages


Special Offers

Family Owned Private Island Resort

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