Rio Frio Cave

With a massive entrance, cathedral chamber and even a sandy river beach, you don’t want to miss Rio Frio Cave…

Located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the most distinctive feature of Rio Frio Cave is it’s massive entrance, approximately 65 feet in diameter. The cave itself is actually a tunnel with the equally massive exit about a 1000 feet on the opposite end of the cave. As a result, lots of sunlight illuminates the cave making it easy to walk around and explore. It is the only cave in Belize that can be navigated without headlights. The Rio Frio River, for which the cave gets its name, runs through the entire length of the cave winding around boulders and rocks. Just inside the cave there is a large sandy area washed by the winding stream where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim.

Rio Frio Cave is one of the most accessible caves in Belize and is often included during day tours of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve as well as tours of the Caracol Mayan Ruins and Archaeological Site.

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  1. Alex Gamero, 6 years ago

    The main attraction of this cave is how easily accessible it is. You just park your car, walk a few steps and you’re at the entrance of the cave. Sunlight illuminates the cave so you can just walk right in to explore. If you’re touring the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve or the Maya Ruins of Caracol you should definitely stop and visit Rio Frio Cave!

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