360 Panorama of Belize City from 1914

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The country was orinigally founded in what is now Belize City. In the mid 17th century, the british originally settled here to harvest logwood and mahagonay to ship back to England. The location was perfect as Belize Town, as it was known back then, was right at the mouth of the Belize River where logs were floated down the river and also a next a coastal area with easy access for ships. With the demand for logwood and mahogany growing in England the town boomed and the settlement grew.

This historic panoramic image was taken in 1914 right from the heart of the city, the Belize River Mouth. Almost 100 years have passed and some historic landmarks in this image, like the court house and swing bridge, still remain standing today.

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  1. Alvan Burns, 3 years ago

    Wonderful to see and read so much on our late Father’s Mother Land….
    I hope this inspires more Old Photos to be shown as so much has been destroyed by previous Hurricanes…..

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