Monkey River Town & Nature Tour

Cruise the emerald-green waters of the Monkey River and explore the quaint village of Monkey River Town along its banks…

The river drains 2 important water sheds into the Caribbean. As a result, the fauna and wildlife are spectacular. Covered with a rich canopy of trees, it creates a natural habitat for tropical birds, butterflies, crocodiles and iguanas. Hiking the surrounding rainforest will likely bring you encounters with tropical birds, gibnuts, deer, ocelots, tapirs, agoutis and possibly jaguars. The river banks are particularly good for birding.

Monkey River Town is located about 4 miles upriver from the sea, nestled right along the river bank and tucked behind a mangrove forest. Families of howler monkeys can be seen and heard here, for which the town got its name. This is a very sleepy little village with a mere 150 residents. There is only 1 phone in town located in Alice’s Restaurant, a local institution.

You can find regular day trips leaving Placencia to explore the jungle along Monkey River as well as this quaint village.

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