Lamanai Maya Ruins

Lamanai boasts a nearly vertical pyramid, soaring 112 feet into the rainforest sky, dating to the time of Christ…

This mystical Maya ruin, located in northern Belize, had one of the longest histories known in the Maya world, being continuously occupied from 1500 BC to 1675 AD. It offers one of Belize’s largest ceremonial centers, historically important and visually stunning, perched right along the New River Lagoon. Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile) displays all the major phases of Maya architecture from Preclassic to the Postclassic Periods. Howler monkeys and many species of tropical birds live in the surrounding jungle. There is an excellent museum on site displaying ceramics, flints and other spectacular artifacts. What makes this site unique is that it was still inhabited when the first Spanish conquistadors arrived in search of gold in the 16th century. How Lamanai survived the cataclysm that devastated the other Mayan cities is unknown.

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