Diane’s Cave Tubing Shore Cruise Excursion

Diane and a group of 6 adventurous friends arrived in Belize on the Grand Princess Cruise Ship. They wanted to do the cave tubing shore cruise excursion but were a bit hesitant about the caves. Diane said, “Some of us in the group are a bit claustrophobic!” After being assured that it was a very fun and safe trip she decided to book it.

Here’s Diane’s reaction after her cave tubing tour, “An amazing adventure! An adventure of a lifetime! The cave and river tubing trek was incredible. I am so glad you convinced us to include the caves in our tubing adventure. It made the whole trip! If you are visiting Belize, don’t miss this adventure. It is absolutely amazing. The tubing was the highlight of our trip!”

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  1. Alex Gamero, 6 years ago

    Cave tubing is a popular shore excursion on the cruise ships. You can buy your tour directly from the cruise ship who work with licensed tour operators. You can also book your tours directly with the tour opeartors and guides. They are usually cheaper than what the cruis ship charges and offer the same great service. Don’t worry, they will get you back to the cruise ship on time!

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    • Shem Seger, 3 years ago

      On our cruise to Belize, we went ashore and found a local cab driver that would take us to the caves and then we hired a local guide at the caves. For the four of us it ended up costing $35 each. The cruise ship was charging $100 per person. Buying from the cruise line saves you stress, but going local saves you money and supports the local economy.

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