360 Panoramas of Placencia Beaches

Use your mouse to click and move the Panorama 360 degrees!

Placencia is known for the beaches that line the entire peninsula. Travelers often ask what the beaches are like and if they can swim off of them. The beach is white coral sand with a light beige hue. The shallow water just off the beach has mostly a sandy bottom which makes them perfect for swimming. However, being on the mainland the beaches are susceptible to silt from nearby rivers when it rains. So after some rain you can see the the shallow water off the beach turn murky brown. After the rain the water turns crystal clear again with it’s vibrant hues of blue and green. Sometimes of year, around the summer rainy season months, you’ll also find some see grass washing up on the beach to varying degrees which is usually cleaned up diligently by most resorts.

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  1. Brenden, 4 years ago

    The beaches are the best thing about Belize which is why I visit here at least once a year.

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  2. Bryon Middleton, 6 years ago

    AWESOME!!!!! Can’t wait to get back to Belize!!

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