360 Panorama of Hopkins Beach

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The beaches that line Hopkins Village, and the resorts along the coastline north and south of the village, are covered in beige coral sand. With the Stann Creek River to the north and Sittee River just to the south, the water right off the beach gets a bit murky after rains ftom the silt that runs off the rivers. Seagrass washes up on the beach during certain times of year, around the summer rainy season, but resorts are quick to clean it up daily. When there is no rain the water is crystal clear and you can walk right off the beach for a refreshing swim.

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  1. Barry Spawn, 5 years ago

    Hopkins, the third most populated Village and the second most “touristic” is not
    listed as it should be in your menu. This is a great fault !!!
    RansomsSeaside Garden is Hopkins First Hotel (1980) and is yet the most “lovely.” budget hotel in the village. I would gladly pay you for a well displayed propaganda but it will likely go unseen ~~~~~ Baron Ransom ~~~~~~.

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    • Alex Gamero, 5 years ago

      Yes Hopkins is indeed a great destination! I’ve dived its reefs, explored its jungles and explored the streets of Hopkins Village so I know first hand of this little gem in Belize. Keep an eye out Baron, because my next newsletter will be on your hometown!

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